Kevin Brooks
Morning Show Host

I was in a radio studio when it happened.  A young woman called me on her way to the hospital.  She had been told by her doctor that the baby she carried in her body had died.  She would be induced into labor, then deliver the lifeless body of her infant. Just the thought that someone would be asked to endure this was appalling.

As her mother drove the car, this young woman was barely holding it together.  She asked me if I could play one of her favorite songs, “I’m Not Alright” from Sanctus Real.  And as the song played, we cried together… and I prayed for her.

A few days later, she showed up at the station to thank me for spending some time on the phone with her.  She said it had been a really tough day, and she attempted a smile, but it was easy to see how utterly empty she felt.  We hugged, and we cried again… and she left the building.  But she’s never really left my heart.

You see, after a couple of decades in mainstream radio, I had just spent my first few weeks in Christian radio.  And by introducing me to this brave young woman, God was showing me how He would use all that experience, the good and the not-so-good, for His kingdom and His people.

The experience blew me away.  And God continues to blow me away, by how he uses Christian radio in the lives of so many.  And, here at The House, he works DAILY, through the music and the message of this truly unique Christian community!

It’s my great privilege to spend some time with you- along with my remarkable radio partner, Amy, each weekday morning.  Thanks for being a part of this awesome family!  -Kevin