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Prayer Wall
We understand the sensitivity of your prayer requests. Because of this, if you choose to show your prayer request online we only display your first name and state of residence. You can also choose to display the prayer request as "Anonymous." Most fields are optional, so only fill out information you are comfortable sharing with us. If you enter an email address, you will receive an email each time someone prays on your behalf!
prayer 9/30/2020 3:40 pm
Pray for Our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to God, turn from some much wicked way and mercy for our country as it comes to war. Pray for all the people and over the whole country's health.  Pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for the family of those who lost loved ones. Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my  Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing. Pray for my mother and my father and their health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister's life and her husband prayed for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my nephew. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Pray for my brother for godly wisdom and salvation. Also pray for his girlfriend and his two baby sons for protection. Pray for my cousin Marroldine's eye, my three uncles Alfred, Calvin, and Arthur also for my auntie's friend Darlene's health for divine healing. I have cried many times because of hurtful things in my relationship with my neighbor.  Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us come closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices.  Also pray for a miracle for our relationship to be more intimate and more loving. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray for a brighter day and special moments.  Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together.  Pray for my neighbor and her whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly and loving way. Pray for my neighbor's brother, cousins, and others.  Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in the community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for their hearts to be softened. Pray for salvation family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their lives around. Pray for the churches. Pray for my pastor and his wife. Pray for our students in our children's church. Pray for my uncle Calvin and my cousin Calandra . Pray for our students and my coworkers . Pray for my financial need. Pray for the people of the Bahamas and Florida. Pray for Myself for Deliverance, actions, healing and also I had my heartbroken. Pray for restoration in all my relationships. Pray for my new relationships. Bless all the young couples.    
—Kenneth , AZ
Prayers Offered: 2
Ongoing court battle 9/30/2020 2:36 pm
Lord my family needs strength, wisdom, discernment, peace, financial help, our future home was put on hold due to unexpected custody battle, lawyer fees are piling up and nothing has been resolved. I’m growing weak and afraid of our future.
Prayers Offered: 5
Help to help others 9/30/2020 8:04 am
Dear Lord, you know the struggles I am having with my Hashimoto’s Disease and I have listened to you. Lord, you have presented me with an idea to help others like me. I am listening and moving and my therapist told me that I need to ask for help. Asking for help is uncomfortable for me but here goes. Lord, because of my detriment of health, I know I can help and educate people who are not as fortunate as me. I feel called to open a non-profit with You leading. You being the center stage. God, if it is your will, all my friends and I to move in the hearts of so many that don’t have access to health care, nutrition and feel sick their entire lives simply because modern medicine keeps pushing pills and not listening to the human being sitting in front of them. Lord, if it is YOUR will, please allow me to find a way to get the funding to become a health coach for functional medicine. It will help so many and work right along side the clinical social work path I am in. You healed the sick. You listened to the meek. Lord, allow me to walk in your ways and find the money I need to help. In your name, Amen
—Tonya, KS
Prayers Offered: 4
vindication 9/30/2020 7:37 am
Two co-workers have made false allegations against me claiming I pushed and threatened one of them and the other is falsely claiming to have witnessed this. I have lost my job over these false allegations. Please pray that God reveals the truth about the false allegations the co-workers have made against me. Please pray that God exposes the evil done against me and the perpetrators be brought to justice and for God to provide me with a job. I have also smashed my car and have no money to buy a new one. Please pray God provides me with a new car.
—nadine, CA
Prayers Offered: 5
oppression 9/29/2020 10:12 pm
please pray to Father God to transform oppression around the world
Prayers Offered: 4
Budget 9/28/2020 7:53 pm
Pray that my food stamps won't be cut.
Prayers Offered: 8
Ezekiel 36 9/27/2020 4:14 pm
Please pray for a softened heart. Thank you
Prayers Offered: 10
Immediate housing needs 9/27/2020 11:03 am
Praying for a miracle blessing for immediate local low cost housing and potential roommate needs for Leland so he will have a place to reside. Praying for friends and family to reach out to him and help in his time of need. Praying for Gods financial blessings and favor upon him today.
—L, TX
Prayers Offered: 8
Salvation and Mental Health 9/27/2020 2:12 am
Please pray for my daughter and grandson, D & C, to receive Jesus as their Savior and develop a personal relationship with Him. Also, please pray for my mental health. Thank you.
—Melissa, FL
Prayers Offered: 8
Peace 9/26/2020 10:30 pm
I pray for blessing over your life in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray a new strength in you in Jesus name lifting the old struggle of Worldly attachment of sinful nature, may the Lord's army make a new spirit in you that stands strong as the Prince of peace Jesus Christ. I pray blessing In your friendships and relationships may Jesus Christ himself be your comfort forever. Know this as truth in Jesus Christ, With Jesus we live in peace and unconditional love Amen
—Ben, AU
Prayers Offered: 6
Healing 9/26/2020 12:31 pm
A friend fell at work off a 10ft ladder. Has front lobe fracture and brain bleed. He doesn't need surgery ,thank God. But he has a long road ahead . We don't know how much brain damage has been done.
Prayers Offered: 9
Finances 9/25/2020 2:32 pm
Dear Heavenly Father, I know that You are the giver of all things. I also know that You will never give me more than I can handle. Covid has impacted our lives in so many ways, not all of them positive. I pray that You would bless my finances and stretch my paycheck to cover all of our needs until things go back to normal. I pray that You would bind any additional expenses until I am able to resolve the ones in front of me. Help me to trust that You will continue to provide. In Jesus’ precious name, amen!
—Amy , OK
Prayers Offered: 10
Forgiveness 9/25/2020 2:13 pm
What do you do when you're husband confessed he has had multiple affairs and still waiting other women. Wants me to forgive him and move forward. Can't believe he broke my heart. I couldn't do that to him ever. Don't know what he was thinking.
Prayers Offered: 9
Prayers Needed for grandson. 9/24/2020 3:11 pm

Please pray for my 8 year old grandson who has been sent to a psychiatric hospital and because of Covid no one is allowed to see him. He does need help with issues he has, but he doesn’t understand why he can’t see his mom. I’m requesting prayers for him, his mom, and his sister.

—Teena, KS
Prayers Offered: 12
Prayer request for peace of Jesus for others 9/24/2020 2:22 am
I pray Jesus Christ fills Joy in this day. I pray Jesus Christ gives you life and fills you with his spirit of love. When you are feeling a bit tired from life, i ask and pray our Lord refreshes you in emotions and spirit. When you are ever weary I pray Gods purpose and love to carry you through. I pray of only God's love and Joy so even when tired you can rejoice. God knows and his love endures forever. I pray for your family. I pray they too know and experience God's love always. I pray for sound mind renewed to function in God's purpose. I pray for the physical strength to carry you through this day that God has created. I pray Jesus Christ's Help to prune and for you to not experience anything that drain you or sucks your energy or creates negativity. I ask all this in our Lord Jesus Christ forever Amen
—Benjamin, AU
Prayers Offered: 10
Immediate housing needs 9/23/2020 10:22 pm
Praying for a miracle blessing for immediate local low cost housing and potential roommate needs for Leland so he will have a place to reside. Praying for Gods financial blessings and favor upon him today.
—L, TX
Prayers Offered: 8
Prayer request 9/23/2020 10:16 am
Can you pray with me and for me, for a financial breakthrough and miracle.
—Jamal , NY
Prayers Offered: 10
business related 9/21/2020 11:35 pm
Hello my name is Joe i work with my brother and his business has been slowing down bad him and wife own the business thats all the financial security they have I know my God is good and merciful help me pray for his business. i had others prayer requests before through the prayer wall and God has always responded to my prayer,i know his mighty hand will move again,again his faithful thats why im faithful to my God ,thanks
—Joe, OK
Prayers Offered: 11
Healing needed! 9/21/2020 1:53 pm
Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at the HOUSE F.M!Please say a prayer for me i am saved yet homeless at 74 years of age and now the virus has taken the very little i had left the worst part is no one to talk too!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/21/20
—Daniel, NY
Prayers Offered: 15
Cancer Radiation 9/21/2020 12:20 pm
I started radiation therapy today for prostate cancer. I have 42 more treatments to go... 5x a week till finished. Pray that they are successful and that there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.
—Roy, OK
Prayers Offered: 14