Amy Byrd
Morning Show Host

“What if God‘s plan is to change us through this before He changes our circumstances in this?”

Lysa Terkeurst

Whew. Did you just read that twice like I did? Story of my life. Maybe it’s yours too.

I’m a wife, mom to three, that’s sold out to Jesus, lover (to my core)of my family, the ocean, mountains, people, home projects, kid candy and Wallace the dog.

I mentioned home projects. I’m not sure how my husband, Lloyd, does it. But somehow, I can be on one end of the house and he can be on the complete opposite end of the house and if he hears his drill or hammer —-even in a faint distance—-he shows up out of nowhere. It’s incredible, really… 🙂

I grew up in a Christian home. However, I really began listening to God when our marriage had reached a really thin place. I am so incredibly grateful for the kind and gentle people God surrounded us with during our most fragile years. In fact, I recently wrote a letter to one of those people that surrounded us —over 15 years ago—to tell him so.

Sometimes, I wish that we could erase parts of our story. But staying fixed on trying to wish something away will cause me to miss the beauty of what is… and even greater… trusting God for what can be.

I’m so incredibly grateful to be with you and Kevin each weekday morning!