Love Your Neighbor
March 30, 2022 by Amy Byrd
We are not individuals on an island. We do not pick ourselves up by the bootstraps. We desperately need each other.” Alan Graham, Community First Village Our homeless population in Oklahoma is around 4,000 neighbors. And the question we have long asked is “how can we mitigate homelessness completely?” This is a bit more complicated than it might seem— and may be a bit daunting for us as an individual to try to accomplish alone. However, we can each individually inspire our own communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless. The current system for addressing chronic homelessness in America is absolutely not working. This is a human issue requiring a human response. It has been said that the single greatest cause of homelessness, particularly in our country, is a profound, catastrophic, loss of family.

What can we do?  Simply a conversation. A smile. Showing our neighbor that they are seen, loved and cared for is one small step we can do today.

Here’s a blessing bag my daughters put together if you want some ideas of something you could keep in your car too ❤️

Mother Theresa once said, “…when we all get to heaven, we will have the poor to thank, because it will have been the closest to God we ever came.”