The Slap!
April 6, 2022 by DC

Most years the Oscars come and go, and in some cases, you might not have even heard of the movies celebrating the big wins. This year, everyone’s talking about the Oscars, but few are talking about the movies. The talk is all about an actor defending his spouse in front of a packed auditorium and a live worldwide audience watching from home. While you may never find yourself in a situation involving a physical altercation, your spouse probably wants to know that they are defendable. That they have a “wingman” to do life with? Does your spouse know that you are their wingman? Their ally, shield, and helpmate? I’m certainly not advocating for or against the joke or the slap. Just something to think about though.

The truth is, whether something is said as a joke or not, your words hold power and make an impact. They can be medicine to heal and bring good news, spread truth and grace. Even a simple word of encouragement could make all the difference in someone’s day. Words can also be used as weapons to wound and break hearts or join the ranks of the “rumor mill”. The choices we make about what to say, and what not to say, hold huge consequences. Pray and ask God for help in how you speak to others. If you need an extra reminder, write “Speak kindly” on sticky notes and place them around your house, in the car, etc. In a world that’s becoming increasingly angry and unkind; let your life and words shine a spotlight on Jesus and see a deeper kind of kindness impact the world around you. If you want to see the world change, start by choosing your words wisely and speaking life!

But what if it’s someone else’s words causing the problem? Sometimes anger is justifiable, right? Jesus was angry, but He was angry at the right things. Controlling your anger begins with controlling your speech. Learn to be slow to speak and slow to anger. Human anger doesn’t do much in the way of accomplishing God’s righteousness. When you feel like you’re losing control over a situation, anger might be your go-to emotion. Choosing to control your anger is a big deal, and with God’s help, it’s possible. If you believe that God is truly in control, you can afford to slow down and take the time to understand the situation. Doubting God’s control has a tendency to speed up your mouth and slow down your thinking. And you need to do just the opposite. Rash, angry reactions lead to regret. Ask God to give you a perspective that will keep you from overheating and getting angry during your difficult moment. It’s only by God’s grace and wisdom that you can live peacefully with others.