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The House FM

What’s In Your Purse?

Moms have to be prepared for EVERYTHING! Have you ever noticed that mom’s purse is like the spare drawer in the kitchen? There’s a little bit of everything in it. That includes things like a wallet, First Aid kit, snacks, pens, tissues, and the list goes on!

In honor of mother’s and their unique purses, The House FM is giving Mom the chance to win her very own “Pamper Me Purse”! The purse comes complete with:

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on Mother’s Day, May 14th. To enter, you must complete the form below and include a picture of what’s inside your purse! Dad’s and sons, this is your opportunity to get creative, but make sure you ask permission before going in mom’s purse! We also know that for most mom’s, their purse is sacred! If you are prohibited from looking in it, snap a pic of some items that you think Mom keeps in there. If you are a mom, you can enter yourself OR you can enter your mother to win this super sweet prize!

We can’t wait to see What’s In Your Purse!

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