You’re Not The Perfect Parent
June 1, 2022 by Kevin Brooks

You’re Not The Perfect Parent

And neither is any other human. In fact, only two humans ever even had a shot at the title, and they blew it! Adam and Eve were created in God’s image and given the green light to become super parents. They were told to “be fruitful and multiply,” and we can imagine, if they had been obedient, their kids would have grown up free from sin and bad choices.


We know the story of Adam and Eve, and sadly, we know that didn’t happen. Instead, the first human parents gave birth to the first all-too human children. Eve and her husband were the first mom and dad to wonder what they could have done differently so that their kids’ lives would have turned out better. They were the first parents to know the pain of watching their kids struggle with the wickedness of the world.


But they weren’t the last.


I recently spent an evening with one of my young adult daughters, while she brought me up to date on some of her life struggles, and frankly, some of her failures. Some of these struggles were known to me… and some were not. And as I listened, I felt like I had utterly failed as a dad. I had always been sure that my happy, Christian, church-going family would produce happy, perfect kids, who would never have to wrestle with sin.


And of course, that’s not how any of this works. We’re not perfect parents, and we don’t raise perfect kids. We’re all human… and Life. Is. Hard. I will say that my kids are fighting the good fight, they’re working hard to follow Christ, and they’re good kids… oops, young adults. I’m proud of each of them.


Whatever age your ‘kids’ happen to be, remember to live out your faith HONESTLY, in front of your kids. It makes a difference. And be real about your own struggles! They need to see how your faith holds up to life’s challenges. Pray for your kids. Love them. And remember that the same Father that brought you through it, will be there to guide them through, as well.


Actually, there IS one perfect parent. And he sent His son to die for us AND our kids… so that we don’t have to be perfect. Just forgiven.