June 8, 2022 by Chad Bradley

There is so much to cancel but such little time!


It seems that almost every other time you get on social media or watch the news there is a new celebrity, spiritual leader, or Influencer who has crossed a line and is now in the process of being canceled from culture. They are no longer on the list of individuals who are “worth” listening to because of their choices. They crossed a line that they should not have and now they must pay the price.


In most cases it would seem that they do not really have anyone to blame but themselves for the fallout. They made a choice and now they have to deal with it.


Maybe it’s just me, but every time there is a roller coaster of emotions that range from gladness to sadness. The fleeing of gladness that they are getting what they deserve, and then to sadness that this scenario exists at all.


When we look at some of the main characters of the Bible, who were, for a lack of creative terms, a total mess. Everything they did was out of anger, frustration, lust, pride, and flat out selfishness. King David, Jonah, Peter, each caught up in a variation that could easily result in being canceled then. They probably wouldn’t fare very well in today's era. The answer today would be to “cancel” them just to be safe.


Cancel culture could learn something from the medical community. A doctor does not condemn a person with a cold to death just because it is a “problem”. And we can stretch that analogy out even more to Illness’s like cancer. They don’t throw the towel in just because it’s present. They do everything they can to help them overcome the problem.


The reality is that we could all be canceled for something. Our credibility is lost for any number of reasons. This is not to say that we should not just let everything go and  not try to overcome our issues. Quite the opposite.


What can we change? We could be the start to a new culture, or one that has existed over 2,000 years because of Jesus. Instead of a Cancel Culture that drops people from existence, we can fight for a Redemption Culture. One where a second chance (or more) is freely available because of who Jesus is, not because we deserve it.