June 15, 2022 by Corey Mann

Paul is on a massive “Good News” tour, taking him to places like Macedonia and Greece.  One night, before he was about to leave the next day, he was with some believers and decided to go the distance and perform a Springsteen-like set with 12 hours of nonstop preaching! (Acts 20) Paul preached so long, that a young man named Eutychus started to lose his concentration, got drowsy, and while sitting in a window opening, he fell 3 stories to his death!  Paul rushed to his side, picked him up into his arms, carried him back upstairs, and announced, “it’s all good, he’s fine, everything is fine!” In that moment, supernatural compassion fell upon this deceased man and he sprung back to life, as if nothing happened.  Paul picked up where he left off, preached ’til dawn, then everyone went their ways.

The Word of God says that you and I have access to that supernatural compassion. Now, it might look differently today than it did when Paul raised the dead, (that would have been some bad publicity – a man dying while Paul preached Good News) but you and I can tap into supernatural compassion with each other.  Going above and beyond to serve one another.  Its one thing to be compassionate with someone else, but what if we took it next level?  For example: you give someone on the side of the highway money because they have a sign that says “Help, hard times.”  Next level compassion might be exchanging phone numbers, checking in on one another, forming a new friendship, etc.

So, my challenge to me and to you is going next level compassionate with those you come into contact with for the next week.  It is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus, (Luke 6:36) ‘be compassionate others as the Father was compassionate to you.”