Messy Truths
June 22, 2022 by Amy Byrd

I kept our daughters phone for few days. I was not prepared for what I discovered. Horrified really. I would highly recommend this practice for all parents.

Had a friend say, “Something I’ve been working on personally and parentally is the arduous task of being more honest. Considering or living through a bad decision is one thing—getting to the root of what really provoked the decision and owning why—like, truly…why—we decided to run with that course of action is another, often brutal, conversation with ourselves/God/others we deeply trust altogether.
This self-work has revealed a kinda messy, for-sure-humbling truth that I’m actually way more screwed up than I already thought I was (and let’s be real: none of us recognize how big of liars we can be until we start deciding to be truly honest with ourselves). But man, has this practice of ownership, confession and assessment opened up some vital, life-giving/saving(?) conversations between my kids and me. And I hope between them and their own family & close friends as they continue to develop into wonderful, character-filled adults.”
I just ordered this book from Amazon today after reading this quote from Paul David Tripp’s book PARENTING that speaks to this point way more eloquently:
“Good parenting isn’t just about being a good example; it’s also about humbly confessing when you haven’t. Humble confession turns ‘wrong’ into a grace. It is a grace whenever your children see a humble heart modeled by you—and as they do, it helps them be more tender and willing to confess too.”
Paul’s a pastor and husband to Luella for over 45 years. Together they have four kids and I figure he’s got some smart things to share on the subject.
For now we’re taking walks together. Having deeper conversations. Looking at birds. Asking lots of questions.