Dealing with Disagreement
June 29, 2022 by Kevin Brooks
Dealing with Disagreement
“If you don’t agree with me… LEAVE! We’re not friends anymore.”
I saw an approximation of that social media post more than once in the aftermath of the Roe v Wade decision. It’s a big deal, and we’ll be hearing and reading about it for months, maybe years, to come. And a large portion of our neighbors are ‘fired up’ about this outcome.
And so, the question becomes, “How do we act toward those who disagree, perhaps adamantly, with how we might feel about this issue?”  (And I ask this without assuming that even you and I agree on what to do about abortion.) Maybe it would do us some good to look at how Jesus handled those with whom He disagreed.
Jesus made it clear that he disagreed- with US! He disagreed with our actions, He thinks very differently from us. He acknowledged that our ways were very different from His ways… we were very different from Him!
But somehow, He still wants to sit with us. He still welcomes us. He still loves us.
In the middle of this current intensity of opinion, think of the difference we could make, as Christ-followers, if we spoke softly. If we showed grace. And love? Think how we’d stand out.