Who’s Walking By Your Window
May 3, 2023 by Tony Weir

On a street I used to live on there was a house that our church owned.  It was a “mission house”.  When missionaries from our church were in the states on furlough or other reasons, they could stay at this house.  So, kinda cool, missionary family on my street!  For a while, the Larmey family was there.  Steve and his wife and kids worked for Young Life in Africa!  Steve liked to walk.  He walked by my house quite often.  He usually had a cup of coffee and sometimes would be on the phone.  He was a loud talker and I could hear his conversations!  (At least his half of it.)   One day I decided I would start praying for Steve, his family and Young Life Africa every time he walked by my window.  It was a great “prayer prompt” when I would see (or hear) him on a walk.

There was another person who I saw out my window often.  In fact, pretty much every weekday.  She was an older woman.  She always had a Victoria’s Secret large shopping bag… but I’m sure it held her lunch and other belongings.  She walked to the home across the street from me each day.  I’m sure she was a baby-sitter.  Noting her as the same nationality as the family, I believed she might even be a relative.  You know it took me too long to think about it.   Why aren’t you praying for her every day when she walks by your window?  You’re so “proud” to pray for the missionary… why aren’t your praying for this older woman and the family she helps take care of?

Those thoughts convicted me to start praying for her each morning I saw her walking as well.  It really made me think about the people God was putting outside my window or other places in my “line of sight”. I really started being intentional at the people who drew my attention.  Why was I noticing certain individuals in a world full of people? I believe God is always giving us opportunities to impact lives… sometimes it’s reaching out and even helping someone physically! But I believe there are many, many opportunities God is giving us to pray for others and empathize what families and individuals are going through.

I challenge you not to only look outside your window(s) today… but to be ready for who God will put in your line of your sight!