A Quick Thought
April 26, 2023 by Kevin Brooks

“Prayer is at the bottom of all of this…”

That’s a quote from the apostle Paul, and I was reminded of it while I was reading a devotional about intercessory prayer. You may have heard someone say – you may have said this yourself, even – “well all we can do is pray.“

I confess that I sometimes think that way, like prayer is somehow the least effective thing I could do. In actuality, it’s the most POWERFUL thing any of us can do! (James 5:16).

I like how Justin Camp puts it, “ when we (pray), we lay aside our own meager strength, and call upon the awesome strength of Almighty God. When we do it, we call forth the most powerful force in the universe and focus its goodness and generosity right onto other people, and right into their circumstances.“


Keep up the good fight! Keep praying.