Social Media is the Battleground. Now What’s the Battle?
August 3, 2020 by Kevin Brooks
I decided to do this over the weekend; to read through my last 20 posts and ask, ‘what would someone think about my faith just by reading these?’ I thought you might want to try it, also. And I’m not trying to condemn anyone. Instead, my hope is that this will convict our hearts to reconsider what we post; by asking ourselves, will this post help or hurt my testimony? There are a LOT of strong opinions out there right now; about politics, about COVID, about how to best reach racial reconciliation… and as believers, we have opinions about these things, too. But, I’ve really been convicted about posting some of my opinions, and it all started with a question… “What if ‘my side’ won the debate…?” I mean, emphatically owned the argument, dominated the election, and convinced our culture that my side's positions were best? What if I ‘won’ the argument, but in the process, so alienated the opposition, that they wanted nothing more to do with me… or my God? What if my ‘victory’ were so acrimonious, that it caused those on the other side of the argument to utterly reject Jesus? For better, or for worse, social media is a tool we use to communicate. As Christians, we have never lived in such a time where we can spread the message of Jesus Christ to so many. And all with just a keyboard, or mobile device. Let’s use that power to show His love for people, and to cause others to want that which lives in us. Just something to think about…