Recognizing Truth
January 31, 2024 by Kevin Brooks

Not many of us handle cash anymore. Not on a daily basis, except maybe for bank tellers. I heard this illustration once about a US treasury agent, talking to a bank manager about the risk of counterfeit currency. The bank manager replied, you need to talk to my experts; the tellers. They handle thousands of bills every day, so much so that they will immediately recognize a counterfeit just by the feel!

As believers, we need to be experts in recognizing truth. You may have realized that due, in part, to social media, a toxic political environment, and now AI… That truth is becoming harder to discern. Many believe this trend will only get worse.

But here’s the good news! On The Morning Show during the month of January, we heard from so many who are committed to reading their Bibles covered to cover this year. That’s an ultimate source of truth! By reading His Word, we begin to know how truth sounds and, in contrast, when something feels like a lie.

We also think it’s important to listen to songs like those you hear at The House FM and the House of Praise. Songs filled with truth, and pointing to the source of all truth… Jesus!

And so, we urge you this year, to immerse yourself in the truth of the Bible. And soak up the truth in the lyrics of this music. Listen to it with your family, especially your children, so that when misleading or deceptive things come around, you will KNOW that it just doesn’t feel right.

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