Let Them See
February 1, 2023 by Kevin Brooks

What if the Christian faith is not so much about doing good, doing right, or doing more? What if it's about seeing correctly? Derran Reese of Abilene Christian University says, “Do we see the image of God in our neighbors? Can we see the goodness of God’s creation all around us?”


I often pray for my kids, “Lord, let them see themselves through your eyes”. My kids are young adults now, but I still pray this for them, because I believe it’s so important. Ask yourself this, “How would my life be different if I had always seen things the way God sees them?” If I had always seen that I was “precious and honored in [Your] sight…”?


So many times, I look at the world through my own eyes, or the eyes of the culture, and miss the amazing things that God is doing all around me! I sometimes look past our most vulnerable neighbors and fail to see the man or woman that God so loved that He sent His Son for them. Maybe I can’t take the first steps toward loving and caring for them, until I see them as He sees them?


It’s still a new year, and there’s still time to make this the cry of our hearts; “Lord give me eyes to see. Eyes to see me as only You see me. Eyes to see Jesus in my neighbors.”


Whoever has eyes, let them see.