Dust Bunnies and a gentle God
February 8, 2023 by Logan Gassett

Sometimes it takes a while to see and hear what God is trying to say, but He is patient with
every gentle nudge given to keep us close to Him.

I was babysitting a little two-year-old not too long ago when God taught me something that I
think might be worth sharing. I left her playing in her room for a short minute so I could refill her
cup with juice. When I came back, I noticed that she was no longer playing with her toys, but
instead was very focused on something she was holding in her hands. After I asked her what
was in her hands, she ran away from me so I knew I had to intervene. This was mostly because
I was worried it was something she could choke on. She was kicking and crying while I was
trying to pry open her little fingers. Finally, I was able to see what she had been trying to hide.

In her little hands, were dust bunnies. I remember thinking to myself, “why on earth would she
throw such a fit over dust?” I then wondered if this is what we look like as people when God
asks us to open up to Him and share. Sometimes we close our hands, run, hide, or cry.

Personally, I struggle with harboring bitterness and often waste my time worrying about things
that are out of my control. Sometimes I am even foolish enough to think that I can hide from
Him. But, I know it’s a continuous practice of reminding myself to keep everything I find, feel,
and experience, with open hands. Otherwise, how else will I know that what I am holding back
and running away from God with, could be absolutely unnecessary? Although in the analogy it is
dust being hidden, that is not to say that every secret and situation we try to keep tucked away
is pointless. But we do need God’s eyes in every corner and aspect in our life. As funny as it
sounds, every time I see a dust bunny now, I start to think about what I could be hiding and
running away from God with. So maybe this will encourage you to do the same or to simply look
for what God could be teaching you on a daily basis.