Guilt is Good
November 9, 2022 by Chad Bradley
There are some things that we should just stop doing already. Actually, there are probably a lot of things that we should knock off but for now, let's stop this one thing. And that is feeling guilty.
Feeling guilt is not specifically a terrible thing. It can help us subconsciously know (or completely be aware of) something that is off. But this time we have good reason to check the guilt at the door.
Because the specific guilt we can stop feeling is over not liking, or being around people. And I'm talking about ALL the people. You may feel guilty about not liking them. All of them. People can be exhausting and you may realize you have negative feelings about being around them.
Honestly, not liking people is natural. We like to be comfortable. People can be different from you. They might not always share the same values as you. Their culture may make you feel uncomfortable. People may just be loud chewers. OR they may even dislike you! It is incredibly easy to dislike people.
Now just because it’s a natural feeling doesn’t mean that we should let it stick around. In fact, not liking people is something we should one-hundred percent fight against, just not feel guilty about.
So what happens when you start feeling frustration or angst against another person? Let it be a reminder to do something that Jesus said we should do. Jesus said that we should love our enemies. And even take it a step further from just loving them. He said that we should treat our enemies, the people who hurt us and that we are mad at, well. And that is NOT easy or natural.