Finding A Quiet Place
June 2, 2021 by DC

What’s one of those things that you’ve been excited to get back to since the pandemic began? For me, it was going to the movies. And for me, that wait finally ended over the Memorial Day weekend. My son and I went to see the new movie “A Quiet Place Part 2”. If you’re familiar at all with the movies, you know that to survive the characters must be as quiet as possible. And anytime there’s noise, there’s about to be some trouble. At moments, the theater was so quiet you could hear anytime someone got into their candy bag or popcorn, and the family who brought their younger kids kept whispering. Something that might not have been a problem in any other movie, but in one where you could almost hear a pin drop, every small noise was amplified that much more.

It got me thinking about how much noise and chaos surrounds us in our normal, everyday lives. We hardly notice it. So much noise, so much to do, so much to see and say. So many voices. And in a world that often feels upside down and each day brings a new gloomy outlook, it's difficult to know which voice to trust. We live in a world where the loudest voice is often the most heard. But God's voice is usually heard in the moments of stillness.

God still speaks. To each of us. Individually. Right where we are. I’ve never heard the audible voice of God, but He speaks to me in so many other ways. Through His Word. Through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. There have been many days I've struggled with doubt and fear, wondering where God is in certain situations and whether or not He really has a plan. If I slow down, quiet my heart, and pay attention, God's presence is undeniable. Sometimes changing the world means getting quiet enough for God to change me.

Clearly we aren’t living in a monster apocalypse like our heroes in this movie, but we are living in a world with monsters. Even if those monsters are just the everyday distractions that keep us from focusing on God. How incredible that God longs to meet with us, but we’re too busy or too distracted to take the time! Try to slow down a little bit today, take a deep breath, and be still for a few moments. Find your own quiet place. God is breathing fresh life into you right now.