Even When You Can’t See It
October 20, 2021 by Tony Weir

… even when you can’t see it


Recently I was visiting my daughter who’s currently living on the East Coast.  I got up early to get to a beach and see the sunrise over the ocean.  Many others were there to do the same!  However, when I arrived, there was a HUGE storm cloud over the horizon.  My first thought was… well, there’s goes my awesome photo op.  I won’t be able to see it!


But I quickly realized a couple of things.  Just because there are clouds doesn’t mean the sun isn’t going to rise.  It always does… and it did.  In fact when it did, it punched right through those clouds and actually made a BEAUTIFUL photo.  And when I thought about it… how much cooler was THIS photo than just a circle on the horizon!


I feel like God is the same way.  Even in the storms of life… He’s there.  He’s always there.  And at some point… He brings you through the storm.  Sometimes, we can look back at that storm… see God in it… and recognize His awesomeness.


I believe that… and I believe that for whatever storm you might be going through today.  The sunrise is on the way… even if you can’t see it.