Calling all Mama and Papa Bears
October 13, 2021 by Amy Byrd

When does the Mama and Papa Bears Instinct Subside?


Does that happen when your kids turn 18? 25? 40? 


I really can’t imagine the day.  I think God feels the same for us. . .but MORE.


Our daughter, Maggie, got invited for a play date after school. Right now, She has a cast on one foot and a boot on another but she’s able to get around on her crutches really well.  She rattles off her test grades and homework grades to convince me that she’s earned it. She was beside herself excited. She carefully packed a bag full of fun things they could play together. After about 15 minutes into the play date, I got a call from the mother saying that she felt terrible but her kids really wanted to go swimming and since Maggie can’t –would I mind coming to pick her up.  In my head, I had all kinds of things I was thinking—like “You have got to be kidding me. Who does this to a little girl?” Maggie was so bummed.  I try to come up with fun conversation on a relatively quite ride back home.  When I pull up in the driveway the UPS truck is right behind me –friendly guy hops out and walks right up with a big box and says, “You must be Maggie.”


Day changed.


That box was full of lovely things wishing her well and to get better.  I’m sure of it, that was God’s timing and I told her so.


This experience is really an extension of her school day. It’s tempting to idolize certain aspects of education. We value good grades, high test scores, degrees and lucrative careers.

But our obsession keeps us from remembering what matters.


We want our children to become educated so they can follow the two greatest commandments: love God and love one another. I don’t want her life’s happiness to be wrapped up in things “working out”. Sometime they don’t work out and sometimes we don’t think God’s timing is good. However, Ann Voskamp writes:


We are made to reflect God. Like a mirror reflects our own image.


God is kind—you can be kind too.

Go is loving—you can be loving too.

God is fair—you can be fair too.

God is forgiving –you can be forgiving too.

God is truthful—you can be truthful too.

God is wise—you can be wise too.

God is good—you can do good too.




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