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The House FM
The House FM
Still Need YOU To Help Reach the Goal!
Our annual Pledge Drive in March came up short of our budget goal. We need your help to continue to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ!
Show The Love Mother's Day Contest
Want to show your mom how much you love her this Mother's Day!? Enter our Show The Love Mother's Day Contest for a chance to win two Amazon Echo Shows, one for her and one for you! Click here for more information!
Auto Donation Could = New TV!
Set up your monthly gifts through our Auto Donation program and we'll enter you to win a 43” Sharp Ultra 4K TV, sponsored by Oral Roberts University! You have until April 30th to enter! Click here for more details!
Join the Business Team Directory!
Do you have a business and want to support The House FM and My Praise FM? Find out how you can join our Business Team Directory and support the businesses that help make this ministry possible!
The Latest Pledge Drive Updates
Help us reach our goal as we continue to work toward raising our goal for 2018!
Join the Music Crew!
Do you really like a song and wish you could hear it more? Dislike a song and wish you heard it less? Sign up and join our Music Crew, fill out short music surveys, and win free music!
Feed children in Honduras with your pledge!
For Pledge Drive 2018 we are partnering with Children's Cup to help feed children in poverty-stricken Honduras! Click here to see the impact your pledge of $40 or more a month can have on a child's life!
Check out The Wake Up Morning Show Blog!
Get to know new Morning Show Hosts, Kevin and Haleigh! Catch up on all of the fun topics of the Wake Up Morning Show throughout the week and test your knowledge with the morning Mindbender!
Help wildfire victims
Wildfires have devastated areas of Oklahoma and Kansas in the month of April, causing many to evacuate their homes and businesses. . Click here to see how you can help recovery and response efforts.