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The House FM
The House FM
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We would love to hear how Christ has impacted your life through this ministry. Right song at the right time? DJ spoke just to you? This is the place to share what God has done! “All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me.” Psalm 66:16

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Julie from Enid, OK
4/26/2018 10:48 am

I had someone I considered a friend this so called friend hurt me severely emotionally by rejecting me which hurt deeply I heard on praise about Janelle’s book and part is on being rejected. So I got my phone and called. I was the one to win it I gave my information to you. When I was done I sat down and cried because of hurting and how God was working in my life. The book helps so did Janelle’s message”God’s grace to you. 2 Cor. 12;9 I thank God for this and the House and Praise radio. Love you all, Julie

Andrea from Ringwood, OK
4/7/2018 9:55 pm

Seven years ago, I was a relief mail carrier in a very rural area. Because of the distance between boxes, I often had a lot of time to scroll through radio stations in an attempt to find anything to listen to. One day I happened to come across The House FM as the song “You love me anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets was playing. As I listened to the words, tears came to my eyes. That was the first time that I fully realized how much God loves each one of us, even though there have been times that I was totally unlovable. The following year, I accepted Jesus into my heart and was publicly baptized. On Easter two years later, both of my sons did the same. The House FM provided a way all those years ago for The Lord to speak to my heart. Today, my family and I continue to listen to The House FM together.

Adam from Perkins, OK
4/5/2018 8:05 am

In the world today it’s very easy to place our focus in the wrong areas. I have spent the last five years reaping the repercussions of one wrong decision after another. If you know me personally you know that I’m very critical of myself especially with regard to failure.

About three months ago while driving my hour commute to work, I switched my radio station from my “go to” country music to The House FM. By listening to the broadcast on your radio station I have found strength in my prayer life and I found the beginning of peace about my failures.

Thank you for being a ray of LIGHT in this dark cruel world!

Anthony from Nairobi, WV
3/24/2018 8:48 am

Am listening all the way from Nairobi Kenya. you guys really inspirers me each and every day, the message n the good music you play is super awesome. it gives me a reason to praise God even more.

Tammie from oklahoma, OK
3/3/2018 8:27 am

I am a teacher, and I was having a difficult time in life. One particular school year, I was not sure that I could face the kids. I really felt like the Lord told me that it was me, not the kids that was the problem. He told me to listen to his music, so I started playing The House FM in my classroom before class. It really has helped me to stay focused during the day. Several years later, one of my former students told me that she had tried to commit suicide twice that same summer. She heard a song playing on The House FM before class one day and it changed her life. She is now married with a sweet family of her own. I just wanted to let you know that this radio station changes lives. It does make a difference. I appreciate you more than you know. Every Day!

Kala from Carrier, OK
3/2/2018 12:01 pm

I remember one day I was sitting in my car in my church parking lot and the song “Worn” came on. I had been having a particularly hard time the couple weeks leading up to this day. I was depressed, having thoughts of suicide, and things were not going well with my father and me. When “Worn” came on I broke down and started crying. In that moment I knew God was the one who played the song just at the right time. My husband (boyfriend at the time) pulled up next to me and got in my car and just held me as I cried and the song played. I sang the words through the tears and will forever treasure that day because it showed me that no matter how terrible I may think my life is He is always there holding me and helping me through it. The House has been such a blessing for me every day and I know God is speaking to every one of us with the songs played ever day.

Charity from Ponca City, OK
3/1/2018 2:38 pm

I have been a strong believer my entire life. My family moved to Oklahoma in 2003 and I stayed in Missouri. My tests and struggles as a fresh born adult began to bloom at this point. Only 18, I ran back and forth trying to decide where to live, where to work and who to trust. After a year alone, I missed my family too much and decided to follow them to Ponca City. On that drive, I found myself caught in a bad wind and ended up rolling my car several time. My entire life crushed in my small car. What I had left were my guitar and the clothing I managed to pull free, everything else was gone. At that point, I was not only hurting physically, but mentally and spiritually. I was living on my parents couch, caress and jobless, in a town where I knew no one. After a few months of attending church in Ponca City, a couple of woman I had been talking with often, asked me to join them at a party for someone named Chris. Since these ladies had their little brother hanging around them all the time, I assumed the party was for a young teen. But, as it turned out. The party was for a man that had just come home from overseas. I began dating this man and fell in love. We married two years later, but he was not a church goer and hadn’t found the Lord in the same way I longed for him to. I prayed everyday and slowly he began to be more open about Christ. On his own, he would listen to The HouseFM or My PraiseFM. The more his listened the more he wanted to be in the heart of worship and intercede with God. Last year we struggled as a married couple, we struggled as Christians and began to pray together. We committed tI only listening to the HouseFM and My PraiseFM, we tithes and my husband of 14 years gave himself to the Lord in baptism. I cannot thank The HouseFM enough for the vision they helped instill into my husband, for his walk with Christ. I would often have trouble finding the words my husband needed, but through this music and messages on this station he was finding them on his own. Our children also love the HouseFM and I brings me happiness to see them going about their daily tasks with His light in their hearts as they listen to the station.

Kayli from Oilton, OK
2/28/2018 7:41 am

I have listened since 1999, I was in 6th grade and my 6th grade English teacher took me to see The Power Team. This is where I gave my life to Christ. Ever since then your station had touched my life by playing the right song at the right time, or on my darkest days just reminding me there is always hope and a father who still loves me. I actually play your station at my place of employment and have had many people tell me how much they appreciate being to hear something so inviting and not having to worry about what their children are hearing or even them themselves. Your station has blessed me and many others that I have come in contact with and for that I thank you so very much

Diane from Ponca City, OK
2/24/2018 4:26 pm

I’ve been a listener since you went on the air with Steve Green’s song, “People Need the Lord”. I remember back when this station was in the planning stages. The Lord has blessed this ministry through the years and I’m privileged to have been a supporter from the very beginning. Our days living in Ponca City are nearing an end after nearly 32 years. However, because this station has expanded as it has we will be able to continue to listen to it. I’m thankful for men like Doyle Brewer who saw the need to use radio as the means of getting Christ’s message out and had the vision for this station years ago. People still need the Lord, now more then ever!

Carrie from Benton, AR
2/21/2018 1:56 pm

I have been listening to The House FM, since 2010. It has impacted my life, because of the Christian music that you guys play. My favorite artist is red. They helped me with certain things that I have been through. The house FM, is a great station, and I really love listening to you guys. Even though, we all have struggles in our Christian faith, I am very happy, and blessed that I listen to you guys. My favorite female artist, as Plum. She is very awesome! There is nothing that I don’t like about The House FM, because the station itself, is a great motivation for me. I love the music, and everything about The House FM.