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The House FM
The House FM
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We would love to hear how Christ has impacted your life through this ministry. Right song at the right time? DJ spoke just to you? This is the place to share what God has done! “All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me.” Psalm 66:16

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Ian from Guthrie, OK
1/29/2019 6:32 pm

In 2015 my wife and I had just gotten married and were living in South Carolina. We owned our home and I was employed full time and involved in ministry. GOD showed us that my in laws and special needs niece in Oklahoma needed help and nobody in the family would help them. We sold our home and moved to Guthrie Ok. Shortly after we arrived my mom in law passed away. We care for my dad in law and niece 24/7. One of the first radio stations I found in Oklahoma was House fm. Your programming is so uplifting .

Shayla from Hinton , OK
8/1/2018 7:53 pm

Hi I have special needs and I use to be a very quite person and didn’t talk much and one day we was flipping through radio stations and came across The House FM and since then we have been listening to it since you guys have helped me so much helped my come out of my shell and I love all the amazing music and all the staff at The House FM always brightens my day everyday they are all so amazing they are a blessing to me🙏🏻My most favorite artist is TobyMac and my most favorite song is I just need u his songs have helped me so much and it’s all because of the amazing radio station The House FM I’m so blessed for The House FM and TobyMac I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for y’all I love y’all❤Your
Truly a blessing to me🙏🏻

Collin from Blackwell, OK
7/15/2018 11:59 am

My story is like this: A upcoming senior on High School with ceberal paulsey that had a goal in mind: After high school, go play college football and go pro because I love the sport and to prove the haters wrong. But, God has other plans for me. He revealed to me at a Steubenville Conference this summer that he wants me to go into Seminary and study to become a Catholic priest. I’m not a big shot in football, I’m not a starter nor have I played in a varsity game yet. But, I’m the lead altar server at Mass and people do compliment me on how a good job I do, and God wants to bring me up a level, and I kinda find joy in it. So, hopefully, God willing, by 2027 I’ll be Fr. Collin.

irene from Tryon, OK
4/27/2018 11:18 am

Your ministry has been so helpful and such a blessing to me and my family. Sometimes I just am feeling overwhelmed with the burdens of Life. Once my mom was going through a terrible sickness and she was physically and mentally very very sick and I got in the car and the song Miracles by Hawk Nelson came on and I just lifted my hands to the Lord and said “God yes”. It came on quite a few times during her sickness and it helped me through. Thankfully God did perform a miracle and she is completely well and I’m so happy because she’s my best friend and I just want to say “God bless” thanks a lot.

Julie from Enid, OK
4/26/2018 10:48 am

I had someone I considered a friend this so called friend hurt me severely emotionally by rejecting me which hurt deeply I heard on praise about Janelle’s book and part is on being rejected. So I got my phone and called. I was the one to win it I gave my information to you. When I was done I sat down and cried because of hurting and how God was working in my life. The book helps so did Janelle’s message”God’s grace to you. 2 Cor. 12;9 I thank God for this and the House and Praise radio. Love you all, Julie

Andrea from Ringwood, OK
4/7/2018 9:55 pm

Seven years ago, I was a relief mail carrier in a very rural area. Because of the distance between boxes, I often had a lot of time to scroll through radio stations in an attempt to find anything to listen to. One day I happened to come across The House FM as the song “You love me anyway” by Sidewalk Prophets was playing. As I listened to the words, tears came to my eyes. That was the first time that I fully realized how much God loves each one of us, even though there have been times that I was totally unlovable. The following year, I accepted Jesus into my heart and was publicly baptized. On Easter two years later, both of my sons did the same. The House FM provided a way all those years ago for The Lord to speak to my heart. Today, my family and I continue to listen to The House FM together.

Adam from Perkins, OK
4/5/2018 8:05 am

In the world today it’s very easy to place our focus in the wrong areas. I have spent the last five years reaping the repercussions of one wrong decision after another. If you know me personally you know that I’m very critical of myself especially with regard to failure.

About three months ago while driving my hour commute to work, I switched my radio station from my “go to” country music to The House FM. By listening to the broadcast on your radio station I have found strength in my prayer life and I found the beginning of peace about my failures.

Thank you for being a ray of LIGHT in this dark cruel world!

Anthony from Nairobi, WV
3/24/2018 8:48 am

Am listening all the way from Nairobi Kenya. you guys really inspirers me each and every day, the message n the good music you play is super awesome. it gives me a reason to praise God even more.

Tammie from oklahoma, OK
3/3/2018 8:27 am

I am a teacher, and I was having a difficult time in life. One particular school year, I was not sure that I could face the kids. I really felt like the Lord told me that it was me, not the kids that was the problem. He told me to listen to his music, so I started playing The House FM in my classroom before class. It really has helped me to stay focused during the day. Several years later, one of my former students told me that she had tried to commit suicide twice that same summer. She heard a song playing on The House FM before class one day and it changed her life. She is now married with a sweet family of her own. I just wanted to let you know that this radio station changes lives. It does make a difference. I appreciate you more than you know. Every Day!

Kala from Carrier, OK
3/2/2018 12:01 pm

I remember one day I was sitting in my car in my church parking lot and the song “Worn” came on. I had been having a particularly hard time the couple weeks leading up to this day. I was depressed, having thoughts of suicide, and things were not going well with my father and me. When “Worn” came on I broke down and started crying. In that moment I knew God was the one who played the song just at the right time. My husband (boyfriend at the time) pulled up next to me and got in my car and just held me as I cried and the song played. I sang the words through the tears and will forever treasure that day because it showed me that no matter how terrible I may think my life is He is always there holding me and helping me through it. The House has been such a blessing for me every day and I know God is speaking to every one of us with the songs played ever day.