Overcoming Obstacles
January 18, 2023 by zzz_Lyn Smith

Overcoming Obstacles

Due to an unfortunate situation in the home I grew up in, I was an angry child. I carried that
anger into my teen years and on into the early years of adulthood.
It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized I had an anger problem. I blamed my son for
“making me mad” when the reality was, I was always seething on the inside. He was simply an
excuse to let some of it out.
My son was four years old the last time it happened. He spilled hot chocolate on the white sofa
and I lost it! As I screamed at him and saw the terror in his face, the Lord gently tapped my soul
and said, “I don’t parent you like that. You are supposed to be his safe place, like I am your safe
place. He trusts you to protect him, just like you trust me to take care of you.”
And just like that, I was convicted of the unresolved anger I had carried for years, and didn’t
want any longer. I sought help for my childhood trauma and journeyed with the Lord through
the process of healing.
David wrote in Psalm 5:11, “But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for
I took refuge in Him and am so glad I did! Singing for joy is now part of every day.
How about you? Maybe you’re struggling with an obstacle right now, something that keeps you
stuck. Whatever it is, God is bigger and more powerful than what you’re facing.
Would you ask Him to help you? Would you ask Him to show you what to do?
Take refuge in Him. You’ll be glad you did! You might even start singing for joy!!