From The New Guy: 2020 is… Preparation?
September 25, 2020 by Chad Bradley
Is this year over yet? You have probably said that about a thousand times since March.... I know I have! We are craving for and aching for any form of normalcy. If there were a way that we could binge through this season of life all at once, we might just take that option.  Much like we go through any streaming series on Netflix, we would... Just. Get. Through. It. Fast. Some streaming services let you increase the speed of the show you are watching which gets you through it even faster! Unfortunately, neither of those are options at this point. When you think about Bible characters who might have chosen to just get through the rough seasons, I think Joseph would have a strong case. To say he had a rough go of it is an understatement. He was hated by some of his family, thrown into a hole, and then was sold into slavery with the original plan being to murder him. Later on in life he was accused of doing things he didn't do and was thrown into jail completely innocent of his charges. So, yeah. He kinda gets what it is like to go rough seasons. The thing about seasons is, unlike our favorite streaming show, we don't get to choose how fast we get through them. There is no all-nighter option to get through the season of 2020. And just like Joseph, God was using each hard season of his life to put him in a place that he could have the greatest impact possible. I'm sure it was still tough for Joseph to see that while in the middle of those seasons of preparation. So maybe it's a little weird for me to admit that I'm excited about what has happened so far this year, but it's only because this could be God using this season to prepare us for the best thing ever. -Chad