Don’t Procrastinate… Renovate!
June 28, 2021 by Kevin Brooks
My wife and I are preparing to sell our house.  Yes, we are getting ready to jump into this crazy, hot real estate market.  If you’ve been living under a rock lately, homes are selling right now, within hours of being listed- sometimes at thousands over the asking price!  So selling our home shouldn’t be the problem.  Buying a new home, however… Yikes. As we’ve been preparing to sell our home, we’ve been sprucing up.  Cleaning carpets, painting, and knocking out some long-delayed home renovation projects.  Most of the work has been things we’ve PLANNED to do, but for one reason or another, we just haven’t. As we’ve been enjoying our newly-spruced-up home, one thought keeps pestering me.  Why did we wait until we were ready to sell, to make our house into the home we wanted?  The now-finished screened porch?  We’re lovin’ it!  The new lighting and more modern cabinet hardware in the kitchen?  Great! The new fireplace mantel that I made…?  My wife is thrilled. And in a very few days- someone else- not us, will be enjoying all these things. What occurs to me is, that most of us have things in our lives we’d like to improve.  And yet, we put off deeper relationships, or spending more time serving others, or really digging into the Bible.  Maybe we’ve been putting off forgiving someone.  It’s all hard work, but think of how much more we’d enjoy life once we’ve made those changes! There’s not much my wife and I can do about our house at this point.  The sign’s going up soon.  Someone else will appreciate all of our improvements.  But there’s still time to be living our best lives!  Ask God to search you and show you where you can make some changes.  It takes some effort… but it’s worth it! -Kevin