Bring it!
April 20, 2022 by Amy Byrd

Maybe she thought it was funny. I’m not really sure… But my mother saved this report card I came across recently of my teacher giving me corrective feedback over the course of the entire academic school year during my 4th grade.

When I first saw it I actually felt myself revert back in my mind to the fourth grade me and feel an actual physical sense of embarrassment. My children will not have any memory of anything such as that other than what they can actually remember… I never saved the notes that Quinn received home in second, third and forth grades telling me how he’s a real rascal. I have however, saved the report cards where he’s earned Honor Roll, Letter of Excellence, picture in the paper from that football game…. But I started to change my thinking. If you’ve ever thought, said, or heard someone say that God works all things for good then, how can we not save a memory of the process. I genuinely see myself as someone that’s quite shy, with little to say or offer. I’m honestly an introvert that is forced a lot of times to live a life of an extrovert. Well into my career I remember praying this prayer “Lord just let them be kind, let them be energized, let them be loving, let them be easy to laugh and easy to relate…”  but I remember being challenged by a coworker that said to me, “you bring it.” This really changed everything. It gives a whole new meaning to walking in the fullness with Christ.  If you walk into a room and there’s unrest we can decide to walk into a room and present peace. If we walk into a room and there’s an air of disconnect we can bring joy and love into that place. So this is for you today: Hey ______________ (your name there), you are a daughter or son of the Almighty God. So no matter what you walk into today… you walk in to your boss's bad mood… you bring it! You bring the love. You bring the joy. You bring the peace. I can write a little note to you here about this… But I still have to challenge myself every single day to live it. Big hug to you, Amy