Why don’t we have any friends?
April 5, 2021 by Amy Byrd

Why don’t we have any friends? 


It’s a common question When you have Your family, kids, work, mortgage … Gee, who has time for friends too?


But even Jesus needed friends. 


Even more important, having the right friends. I can remember a time when I left for work and I honestly believed my husband may be renting a U-Haul while I was gone. We were in the worst place. He’d been without a job for quite some time, and was in a bad place physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Honestly, he was being quite selfless. Had given up a job that had him very respected in the community and in a suit every day –to taking care of two girls at home still in diapers. To say he was going crazy would be a bit of an understatement. And I wasn’t being a bit of help. 


It wasn’t until I had a close friend remind me that I made a promise. It was the way she spoke to me so lovingly. We’re sitting across from each other at lunchtime at a table by ourselves. She leans in, puts her hand on mine and proceeded to tell me that God is for us and you made a promise to Him and Lloyd. 


Friends can be fickle. I had another friend that bailed during our hard season. But even that friend taught me something. To be the friend you wish to have


Have the type of friendships that keep you showing up. We show up for each other in the little ways. When we are authentic. When we’re present. When we love. 


Big hug friend, Amy