Easter > Christmas
March 28, 2021 by Tony Weir

I make no secret about it… I love Easter more than Christmas.   The “peripherals” of Christmas make it a lot of fun especially with children but when it comes down to MEANING… the BIRTH of Christ is awesome… but there aren’t adjectives great enough to describe the RESURRECTION.

Christmas is the BEGINNING.  But as David Phelps sings… Easter is the END OF THE BEGINNING.

That beginning is the start of YOUR eternity.

Jesus defeated death.  No one before had done that.  No one has done it since.  Death is inevitable for all of us.  But Jesus brought the Death of Death… so that we can live eternally with Him.

That’s worth celebrating… and to me, worth humbly thanking Jesus for… over and over.

And to me what is most awe-inspiring about this is the fact that this POWER… the power to defeat death… is a power that is still alive today.

There’s an old song from Steve Green called “Come and See” that says it so well.

Come and see, the power of sin has been broken
The gates of your prisons stand open, come and see
Arise, believe, for the power at work both to rescue and save
Is the power that raised Jesus Christ from the grave
We’ve been set free, come and see

Whatever you’re facing today.  Whatever you’ve done.  However terrible.

  • YOU are not alone
  • Jesus resurrection conquers YOUR sin
  • YOU don’t deserve freedom from your sins… but Jesus loves YOU so much, that all of this was to give YOU that gift of freedom

At Easter, sometimes I can hardly contain the joy of celebrating the RESURRECTION… and the next moment I’m plunged into being deeply humbled… that He did this… for me.  And for YOU.

I pray that you accept, humbly, this amazing gift that God offers you through Easter.

The gift of ETERNITY with Him

The gift of PRESENT freedom from guilt and shame

The gift of a RESURRECTION POWER that can energize your life to live for Him each day… and share with others


No matter how far you’ve run from the Cross.  Turn around and come back to it today.  Don’t waste another day without Him.  What better way to celebrate Easter then by accepting this free gift.

God bless you.  Happy Easter.