Trust in The Plan
February 14, 2024 by Amy Byrd
I got a phone call the other day from my brother who said with a quivering voice, “We’re getting a divorce.” He doesn’t want it—  and he’s devastated.
He’s funny and kind. He’s always been the one at the big family gathering that everyone wants to sit close to… Because they always know Andrew is good for a great story and lots of laughs. He’s a great dad. A great husband. A great brother. And a great son.  And now, at 53 years old, he starting over.
In hard seasons, I’ve asked God many “why” questions, like “Why me? “ ”Why didn’t I get the answer to my prayer I so desperately wanted?“ Or “Why is this  happening?”
It’s so tempting to wallow in the why. And asking him why is perfectly normal. Asking why isn’t unspiritual. But if asking why pushes us farther from God rather than drawing us closer to Him, it may be the wrong question.
I’ve decided to ask questions that help me move forward instead of feeling stuck in the reasons something happened. Starting my questions with the word “What“ instead of “Why“ has been helping me trust God more completely.
Here are three “what “questions we can ask ourselves:
What is one good thing I’ve learned from this?
What are some lingering negative feelings about the situation that I need to pray through?
What has God been asking me to do today to make tomorrow easier?
Though our stories may take unexpected twists, and turns through the darkest valleys we’ve ever known, God’s plan is still good.
Don’t give up. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop hoping and believing. But also, don’t believe that your way of getting to the other side of your circumstance is the only way. God has a perfect plan for a path to renewed joy and a redeemed future that’s probably one you can’t even fathom. Trust Him.
God is here. God is near. God can absolutely be trusted with it all.