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February 21, 2024 by Kevin Brooks

“Please pray for me.”

Amy and I have heard that many times over the past few weeks during the Morning Show, from Susan, who lost her husband last year and is now struggling to face her new reality. And oh, by the way, Susan is also blind! Jeff has struggled to find a steady job in the local oil industry in the face of a very challenging economy. And an anonymous listener left us a note on the prayer wall. They said that anxiety is “crushing them“. Maybe that feeling is familiar to you?


Depression, anxiety, loneliness… There are so many people right now who need to know that Jesus loves them, that he’s still with them, and that brighter days are ahead!

What if you could make that message available to them? What if there were a way to get this message to them?


Well, the good news is, there is a way! When you support The House FM, you support encouragement and hope for so many people who are struggling! Through this ministry, because of your support, they will hear those life-affirming words!

It’s spring fundraiser time here at The House FM and The House of Praise, and we want you to know just how needed you are, to support the music and the message of our radio stations. Through your support, not only will Jeff and Susan and others receive this message of Hope, but through our partnership with the homeless alliance, our homeless neighbors will also feel the love. With your $30 a month gift, a homeless friend will be fed for an entire week!


Remember, together, we can make such a positive difference in our community, our nation, and, through our House mobile app, even around the world!


Click the “give” link on the app, or go to to find out more.