The Best Is Up Ahead
August 24, 2022 by Amy Byrd
He’s starting College.
This little thing I used to dress in overalls with little wee sized cowboy boots and sweet little John John’s with knee socks and little white soft bottomed shoes that were a gift from Great Aunt Marilyn.  He’s my buddy.  It's happening.  That thing older parents talk about –you know when they grow up and begin to lean away from us… I’m remembering every year that passes as if it were just last week and I’m growing more concerned of my aging mind and fading perception of time.  And. . . the fact that I’m watching the one we've loved the longest  become a young man.  All of our three are a constant reminder for me to show love often, to forgive quickly and to laugh often.
How will I do that when they are away from me?
I love what Ann Voskamp shares:
"Sometimes we just want to find the rewind button ---find our way back to where we’ve been so we can live better, love realer, feel safer.  And you, God, whisper, “Look ahead with Joy. . .everything is going to work out.  I promise it’s all working out for good. . .Look to me”  Isaiah 65:17, Psalms 20:6, Romans 8:28, Matthew 10:38
And you are up ahead!
There are far better things ahead –than any we leave behind.
The best is never behind us; You save the best for up ahead---You! And the end will be the best and it will only be the beginning.  With brave hope we look ahead—to the One who has our heart. . .
In the name of the only One who ever loved us to death . . .and back to the realest & forever life. . ."