We Love Stories
August 31, 2022 by Kevin Brooks

We love stories. We all HAVE a favorite story. Our favorite movies are great stories. Your favorite pastor is probably good at telling stories. Think about the   ministry of Jesus in the New Testament- he often illustrated truth through STORIES!

And my favorite thing about the position I hold at The House, is hearing the stories of how God is at work through this awesome radio ministry;

Ana, who’s been listening from The Netherlands, is there for job interviews. She goes for walks in this beautiful European country, praying and listening to The House FM. She says she’s, “very grateful for the company and the feeling that I'm never alone, anywhere I go in the world!”

Francis lost a kidney to cancer recently, and has been on home dialysis since. He says it’s disappointing and discouraging to sit endlessly and watch the blood be pumped out of his body, and then slowly back in again. BUT, he’s begun listening to The House FM on his phone, and he and his wife will spend this time together, enjoying each other’s company, and listening to songs about Jesus.

Lana lost her niece in a horrific car accident leaving behind a young husband and son. Every time that she needs to feel God's presence or to know that everything is going to be ok, she gets a "God nudge" from the station. Specifically, she says every time we play "Grace Got You" by MercyMe, she remembers her niece dancing at their concert in OKC. And it’s then she knows, they’re all going to be all right!

There are SO many more…

Shayla, who found encouragement and strength from a song after a diagnosis of skin cancer… Kyle, who supports The House as a way to expand his personal ministry… Denetta, a health care worker, who leans on The House for encouragement, even as she works long hours, and struggles with mental and physical exhaustion… Gavin, a former addict, who uses the station to help keep his thoughts centered on Christ…

So many stories of God working through The House, and behind each one, an individual or family who has experienced life change. And with your support, we’ll reach even more people with the message of Jesus in the coming months!

Our Fall Fundraiser is September 7th thru the 9th. Please be praying about what God will have you give! Your gift will ensure that The House will be there for the next Ana, and Francis, and Lana…

( give now, and remember, if you give before the end of the day on Tuesday the 6th, your name will be entered into a drawing for TWO $500 gift cards- one for you and one for a friend!)