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Partner with Compassion

We’re excited to partner with Compassion International this year for their Parasite Program to treat children in poverty stricken parts of the world who are suffering from parasites.

Compassion’s Parasite Program is addressing a reality for many children in poverty. With your monthly pledge, you can help prevent and treat parasites that rob children of nutrients and stunt growth. Parasites are the biggest health problem in the world, so this is a great chance to change lives both locally AND globally!

With your monthly pledge, you are making it possible for Compassion International to provide the needed medical treatment to orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti.

Through this gift:

  • Families of children in Compassion’s programs receive training to prevent parasites.
  • Medication is made available to treat those suffering from intestinal parasites.
  • Children’s health improves.
  • Children’s school attendance and performance improve.

Because of your giving, kids are getting stronger, healthier, happier and smarter, changing the future of a whole generation! Children who were once trapped in a hopeless cycle of poverty are being transformed by a new cycle – a cycle of hope.  God is moving in the lives of young Haitians and your giving is making a HUGE difference!

This year, EVERY $40 a month pledged will provide the life changing medicine to treat a child in Haiti. This means that with an $80/mo pledge, you will help TWO children in need, and so on in $40/mo increments. Text Faith88 to 51555, call (580)767-1400 or (800)324-8488, or go online to or to make your pledge of at least $40 per month. With your donation, you are making a difference in the world…one child at a time, one life saving medical treatment at a time…saving lives and transforming a generation.

Make your pledge here
Learn more about the ministry of Compassion International

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