Be Together For Christmas This Year

The House FM would like to bring you or someone you love, Home for Christmas!

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Here's a note from our winner last year, Lorene from Wichita, Kansas.

We would like to thank The House FM and all of their sponsors who made this opportunity possible.

As we look back and reflect on our holiday season, we want to give God all Praise, Honor, and Glory for getting the opportunity to witness and share His love with Bryce. All of the siblings were very excited to have him home. The youngest, Noah (4) had never met Bryce. And when he did, he took to him right away and quickly became inseparable.
As we share our feelings with you, we have three of his sisters here to share some thoughts as well. All of his brothers and sisters were so thankful he was home for Christmas.

We are extremely thankful, as we were able to share God's Plan of Salvation with Bryce. We planted the seed and are in continuous prayer that it will receive the water and nurturing required to bring him to the Lord.

Thank you for all the memories we were able to capture and carry within our hearts and minds that can never be taken away.

Sincerely, your sister in Christ,
- Lorene

Thank you to the special sponsors for making this a reality for you!

The State Exchange Bank in Lamont, OK

Payne County Bank in Perkins, OK

Kat's Steakhouse in Lamont, OK