When Our Circumstances Look Hopeless
October 18, 2023 by Amy Byrd

No matter how hopeless your circumstances may appear… No matter how helpless your heart may feel… No matter how painfully quiet God may currently seem… He’s not ignoring you, he’s restoring you.

When our circumstances look hopeless we are tempted to let our hearts slip into despair, but we have to remember this: God is working things out. He is present. His plan is still good and he can still be trusted. These are true certainties, even when Life feels so very uncertain.
Check out some of these verses like Job 42:10, where God restored what Job had lost. Or 1 Peter 5:10 through God’s grace, He will restore or 1 Corinthians 15:22 where it talks about in Christ we are made alive AND How about 1 John 5:4 that says our faith has overcome the world.
Here’s a prayer you can say right now:
Father, I confess there are days when it feels like you have forgotten me, maybe even abandoned me, because this battle has raged on for so long. And I confess there are times I get tired of hoping, weary from waiting, and I wonder just how much longer it will go on. But you keep reminding me that there is a purpose to this process and that I am not walking through any of this alone. You are my strength. You are my hope. Help me fix my eyes once again on your promises. And remind me to keep my hope tied to you and you alone in Jesus’s name, amen.