What do you have?
November 23, 2022 by Amy Byrd
In a world that tells us over and over that we’re not enough. Be assured that you are…Jesus says so.
I was noticing something.
There are times in the Bible when God calls people to do something or they need something from Him and he asks… What do you have?
For example when he when he called Moses and Moses was kind of hemming and hawing  God asked, “well what do you have in your hand?” And Moses had the staff and God was able to do a miracle with the staff. When the woman had the husband that passed away and she went to Jesus and said “listen they’re about to take my sons, I need help!” And Jesus says, “well what do you have? “And she said “nothing, except these jars.” Jesus says, perfect. And he’s able to perform miracles with that…In the New Testament, when people are listening to Jesus and they’re hungry and the disciples say “send them away!” And Jesus says, “you feed them. “And the disciples say “we don’t have enough! “And Jesus asks, “well, what do you have? Five loaves and two fish? Perfect. “
How often do we disqualify or discredit ourselves because we don’t think we have enough. We don’t think what we have is sufficient enough to do what God is calling us to do.
Guess what? It’s not. But that’s the point. The point is to rely on him to use what we have and make it more. Do not discredit what you have,  do not discredit who and where you are —don’t disqualify yourself from being able to accomplish what God has for you because it’s not enough. Because our God is more than enough. Because he’s going to take what you have and do something miraculous with it to accomplish His purpose!  With Love. Amy