The Future of The House
February 5, 2021 by Tony Weir
Thanks for taking the time to really see what’s happening here at The House.  I’m very excited about these goals… and I realize there are so many that sharing them on the air or even in an e-mail is just “too much” for the casual listener or reader.  This blog post serves to be a reference for all of our goals and dreams for 2021.


We have been on the air in Oklahoma City for more than 15 years. However, many areas within the metro don’t enjoy a consistently strong signal. Right now, two MAJOR projects are in the works that will make The House more accessible for nearly one million metro-area residents. Talk about turning up the volume!  Our prayer is that every person who has had difficulty tuning in will soon be telling their friends, “I hear The House clearly, EVERY DAY!”


Are you ready to share HOPE with your community in a greater way than ever before?  The House team is increasing efforts this year to promote COMMUNITY in all listening areas.  Team members are actively looking for opportunities to empower and equip YOU to share hope in your community.  We’re taking the time to research outreach already happening with churches and ministries and seeing what we can do to get YOU plugged in somewhere close to home.  We know you want to make a difference in your community but don’t always know where to look.  Stick with The House… we’re ready to help!  (And if you know of a great ministry in your area, please tell us about it so we can consider making them a partner.)


Families in our communities need encouragement-from and access-to pastors more than ever. In 2021, The House will increase partnerships with churches and pastors to build a network of prayer and communication for The House FM community.  We not only want to encourage… but educate and help our listeners grow in their walk with Christ.  Expect encouraging emails, online Bible studies, prayer groups and more!


I’m excited to tell you about a huge upgrade to our on-line directory. Starting in March, Business Team Members will be able to add photos and more information including links to your entry in the directory. For those dependent on “traffic” there will even be a place for a map to show your location and people to get directions.  We know many businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic, but I also believe many of you have seen God bring you and your business through these tough times.  Now is a great time for you to join the family as a Business Team Member with a gift of $1000 or become a monthly giver of at least $100 / month.  If you’re not an owner or manager, think about if YOUR place of employment might be interested and take the initiative to introduce our directory to a decision maker there.


I’m excited to share that we have begun a new partnership with The Homeless Alliance based in Oklahoma City.  We believe in investing in our community and giving you the opportunity to help make it better as well.  During the Spring Fundraiser for every gift of $40 a month or more a donation will be made to provide a weeks’ worth of meals to one of our homeless friends and neighbors through the Homeless Alliance.   We are excited to partner with them and look forward to other outreach opportunities with them in the future. WHEW!  That’s a lot… but I believe God expects a lot from us… because he has given us so much and continues to open up opportunities for His ministry here.  I really hope you will pray about being involved with the ministry of The House this year and seeing these goals all become ACCOMPLISHMENTS for the Kingdom. You can get involved right now with a gift on our donation page.  Thanks for investing the time in seeing what God is doing here.  God bless you. Tony Weir CEO, The House