Summer Blues
August 4, 2021 by zzz_Aprille Ostler
Catching yourself getting blue now that summer is coming to an end? You know what, I am too. August brings a lot of changes, and the summer blues. Change can be so hard, we know that with summer ending that a lot of things will not be the same  we will not be able to go and do the things we have enjoyed doing. Swimming, that is what I am going to miss the most. Swimming and snow-cones. For some, the end of summer means creating new routines, not seeing your family as much, for some it means having to go back to work, the sunny days start to get shorter...a lot of changes take place in August. We can get caught up with stress and worry about this new season we are going into, will school be different this year for my kids? Will they even be able to go to school with everything going on right now? Don't get me started on grocery lists, food prep, homework, taking the kiddos back and forth to different activities, and laundry! Why is there always so much laundry...can it be summer all year? Thankfully though, we have HOPE in Jesus! We know that He helps us through tough changes, stretching season, and days when we "just don't fee like it". He is constant, never changing, and a God that never runs out of love for us! I am very grateful for that. We know that the Lord goes with us, He will never leave or forsake us. I know this to be true in my own life, but most importantly because it says so in the Word of God, Duet. 31:6. To help cope with the summer blues, there are a couple events that will be a lot of fun for the family coming up in August. First is Friday August 20th, Chris Tomlin, Bethel, Kari Jobe will be at the OKC Zoo amphitheater. You can take the family to the zoo and then enjoy an amazing concert after. Then, on Friday Aug 28th TobyMac will be at Frontier City! Go to the theme park throughout the day and jam out that evening! What a great way to spend time with the family. If you can't catch those concerts, here are some family friendly things you can do, to help lift that summer blues and help summer last just a little bit longer. Take a family picnic, have your kids create an art piece from their favorite memory this summer, go on a hike with the family or a bike ride, check out you local field trips, create a fort in your living room and watch a movie with popcorn, or even go to a local farm or zoo to pet some animals. There are so many fun things you can still do, even though summer is coming to an end! So let's turn that summer blues into something worth celebrating. - Aprille