Don’t Walk Away
August 11, 2021 by Amy Byrd

A special message for my married friends who are struggling.  We’re coming up on our 18th anniversary ❤️

When you see people who’ve been married 25, 40, 50 years Maybe you say Lord “I want us to make it that long”. But what

you may not know is that each one of them has given the other person a reason to walk away —but let me tell you, people who stayed married that long —it’s not just because they love each other, it’s because they decide not to quit and they decide to fight every demon and everything that comes up against them.
  I’ll never forget when my husband and I were a part of a small group at church. I’m pretty sure they all could see the current state of our fragile marriage. They were so gentle and kind—Spoke God’s truth as we went through the Bible together, ate snacks, cried and laughed. Day by day things got better. There’s been plenty of other fragile moments but we’ve learned not to be distracted by fighting the wrong battles.  

When the enemy can’t defeat you —his next move is distract you. Because he knows if he can get you fighting the wrong battles —-then, instead of being strong, thankful and blessed you’re probably going to be tired, anxious and stressed. ~ Amy