Stories to Tell
February 17, 2021 by Kevin Brooks

We love stories. We all HAVE a favorite story. Our favorite movies are great stories. Your favorite pastor is probably good at telling stories. Think about the ministry of Jesus in the New Testament- he often illustrated truth through STORIES!

And my favorite thing about the position I hold at The House, is hearing the stories of how God is at work here.

Derek, who was already having a rough day, when he found that his mom had tested positive for COVID. Fear fell over him like a heavy, wet blanket. So he turned on The House FM app, and in the very first song, he heard God telling him, “Derek, I’ve got this. You can trust in me…”

Teresa, employed in the front office of a Christian school in Enid, OK, works alone because of distance learning. No teachers, no students, no conversations or laughter… But Teresa has started listening to The House, and says that the songs have been a lifeline for her.

Shayla, who found encouragement and strength from a song after a diagnosis of skin cancer… Kyle, who supports The House as a way to expand his personal ministry… Denetta, a health care worker, who leans on The House for encouragement, even as she works long hours, and struggles with mental and physical exhaustion… Gavin, a former addict, who uses the station to help keep his thoughts centered on Christ.

So many stories in the past year, and behind each one, an individual or family who has experienced life change as God worked through this radio station. And our dream for 2021, is to reach even more people with the message of Jesus! With your support, that dream can become a reality.

Our Spring Fundraiser is starting soon. Please be praying about what God will have you give! Your gift will ensure that The House will be there for the next Derek, and Teresa, and Gavin…

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