Close The Gap
May 29, 2024 by Kevin Brooks

We pray for you. It is our privilege. In fact, we think it’s one of the coolest things we do for each other as believers!


Some listeners that we’re praying for currently:

Listener asking for prayer so that she may finally live without any pain

Samuel with a financial crisis

Listener is struggling w/ fear and insecurity

Jennifer is a victim of domestic violence and trying to make good decisions for her and kids

Karla’s daughter is in the ER w/ a possible aneurysm 

Shaun has family members in need of salvation

Listener who has made a grave mistake at work and worries it could cost her the job


These, and so many others, depend on The House FM for encouraging lyrics, and reassurance that they are seen and loved by God. We are so proud to be a part of a faith community that locks arms in tough times, and stands together, in the name of Jesus, to withstand the storms of life.


This listener-supported ministry provides for so many, and right now, we’re asking for your support! During our most recent fundraiser, The House FM and The House of Praise ended $80,000 short of our funding need. Due to inflation, many listeners had to pause their monthly giving and we’re asking you, if you’re able, to STAND IN THE GAP!


We invite you to join us in ministry. To support us, as we support so many with love, hope and encouragement.

Thank you for listening, thank you for praying… and THANK YOU for giving to support The House FM and The House of Praise!


Click here to give online, or call 1.800.324.8488 to make your best gift now. By giving now, we’ll enter your name into a drawing for TWO $500 Amazon gift cards- one for you and one to give to a friend in need!


God bless you. And thank you for your generous support.