Being Generous
December 15, 2021 by DC

When you think about Christmas, maybe you’ve said something like, “the joy of giving is far better than receiving”. But deep down, perhaps you’re struggling to be generous. Not just around the holidays but at all times? Maybe you’re concerned that you might give everything away and be left empty-handed? Sometimes when you fear that something is going to run out, you tend to hoard or cling to those things, and in doing so, you create the scenario that you were so afraid of having happened. Think about it. You help cause the panic and the empty shelves at the grocery stores when you’re afraid that the supply chain isn’t going to stay intact. Remember last year, at the start of the pandemic? Remember how stores were running out of toilet paper? How many rolls were you stockpiling in your garage? I had plenty. I mean PLENTY! I finally just started having to buy TP again.

So what does that say about our generosity? If you’re afraid that the source of your provision is going to dry up, then you hold onto those things that you’re supposed to be letting go of. It’s when you trust in God, believing that if you allow yourself to be generous, that he will constantly replenish that which you might think you’ve lost, but instead, God is just using you to re-allocate those funds, those possessions, even your precious time. When you give away what God has handed to you, know that He’ll be good to keep giving you more. Remember, you can never out-give God.