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The House FM
The House FM
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We would love to hear how Christ has impacted your life through this ministry. Right song at the right time? DJ spoke just to you? This is the place to share what God has done! "All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me." Psalm 66:16

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David from gaithersburg, MD
4/4/2017 11:32 am

Hey, I am David, I am from Gaithersburg, MD.  Ever since i came to know the lord in 2011
God is still working in me and I love The House FM.  It is a great station. God is really using
it to change lives everyday.
I praise God for that .

Tiny from Roosevelt, OK
4/4/2017 11:30 am

I have been listening to the House when the Altus station came on the air . The House is a big part of my life I listen every day. Recently I lost my best friend /big sister the staff and the music are helping to cope with this loss . I have always been able to call either the morning show or the house party and I know that someone with compassion will be praying for me, they have helped me keep my faith and for that I am grateful. The right songs are always played at the right time . THANK YOU TO ALL AT THE HOUSE FM AND GOD’S BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL !

Matt from Oklahoma City, OK
6/14/2016 5:03 pm

Hi there, my name is Matt Click. A native Oklahoman (and a former graduate from NWOSU at Alva with a minor in mass communications), I just released my first book called Famous Dad: A Hero In His Home (on sale at Amazon). My wife and I just returned home from serving seven years overseas in Asia as missionaries. While overseas we also adopted two little boys from Africa. As an aside, I am legally blind in both eyes. All these years God has been so faithful to us. He has been with us every step of the way.

Andrew from Great Bends, KS
5/20/2016 10:50 am

Christ is the most significant part of my life. It is through Him that I’m even still here. I’ve had some shots at permanently ending at my life, but thanks to God answering prayers, and you praying for me, I’m still here. I have many reasons to be thankful for the greatness and grace of our Almighty God. Now that I’ve been making a spiritual change in my life, I come to God more than I ever had. I pray more (as of last night), I go to church more often. I believe God is on the move and He’s leading me somewhere great in this life. Praise the Lord and God bless The House FM.

Vicky from Burns Flat, OK
5/19/2016 1:53 pm

Before I listened to 94.3 (Harvest Time) out of Elk City. There was something missing from this station. The message. I loved the Christian Music. Now I listen to you and your message. You have it all! God Bless