What You Focus On, You Get More Of
November 10, 2021 by DC
What you focus on is important. As humans we have a pretty limited perspective. When we're faced with negative circumstances, sometimes it feels like they're never going to end. In those times, it's often hard to see anything else. But the truth is, focusing only on the negative things can lead you into some pretty dark places. It's easy to get lost in our troubles. It's easy to forget that God is working those situations out for our good, even when we don’t see it or understand how. What do you think would have happened to young David if he did like the others and trembled in his boots over the very size of Goliath? Don't let yourself focus so much on your giant that you forget about God. Remember, when God is big, there is no giant, but when God is small, everything appears huge. Do you have giants in your life, stealing your focus right now? You get to choose to focus on either beauty or pain in your life. Just because you choose to focus on the beauty, that doesn't mean you're denying the pain. It's still very much there. You're just refusing to let the pain steal anything more from you. It's time to take it back!
Wherever you focus your attention the most, becomes the driving force in your life. So take your concerns to God. You know, He's serious when He tells you not to worry, and to pray instead. Prayer takes your eyes off of yourself and puts the focus back on Jesus, where it belongs. After all, He's the one who's writing your story, right? As you think back, hopefully you can see how God has been constantly shaping your story. He uses your successes and blessings, but that's not all. He also uses your failures and tragedies. God isn't wasteful. He doesn't throw anything in the trash. He repurposes those failures and tragedies. Because of His great mercy, He transforms them from painful memories that you'd rather forget, to something powerful that's shaping you into the person you're still becoming. Be thankful for that, and don't let those tough times steal your joy. Make the choice. You can choose to be angry and upset. You can choose to live a bitter life; or you can choose to find joy in every situation. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep at night, if you focus on Jesus, you'll find there is always a blessing to be counted and always a reason to choose joy.
Try counting all the blessings you have that money can't buy. God's presence, provision, forgiveness, and grace that fills each and every day. Take inventory of things that God is doing. Learn to appreciate the smaller blessings in life, the simple things. Cooler weather. Your family. A good cup of coffee. The fact that you can still do a couple of jumping jacks. Call out these things and be wildly thankful for them. They are gifts from God. Given, not because you deserve them, but just because He loves you. Thank God for these blessings. Gratitude isn't natural, so practice making it a habit to tell God "Thank you". Some days, when I'm in the car, or sitting in my office, I'll just say, "Thank you, God." Not always for anything specific. I just recognize that He's working out something special at that very moment, even if I can't see it. He's always at work, and I believe that's a great reason to always give thanks. If you'll remember, the Bible tells us that on the very night that Jesus was betrayed, He gave thanks. The way I see it, if Jesus can give thanks, even in that, you and I can give thanks in everything as well.
As you train your heart to give thanks for the little things, you'll start to focus on those blessings. One of the nice little side effects that comes from being thankful is that it opens your eyes to things God is doing and gives you more reasons to be thankful. It all comes down to what we focus on. My prayer for you, not just in this season of thanksgiving, but all the days of your life, is that you'll turn your eyes to Jesus and focus on blessings, big and small. That as you focus on those things, you'll recognize His hand at work in your life more and more. You won't even have to look hard for them. You'll see them clear as day. Just like it says in Philippians 4:8 "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Let these things in your life begin to hold your focus. What you focus on, you get more of.