Time is So Strange
May 24, 2023 by Amy Byrd

Looking back on your own graduation —time is so strange —that you feel like you could close your eyes and be right back there in that moment. Friends and family looking at you with hopeful eyes that convey you could go anywhere you want and be anything you want to be. What would you say to yourself?

Advice for graduates… but this is helpful no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Bill said, “Everyone has an opinion—Don’t get mad or insulted when there’s doesn’t agree with yours —who knows you might change yours if you listen with an open mind.”

Dona says, “Love your neighbor and treat others as you want to be treated —integrity is everything.”

I love that —because there’s going to be so much temptation to not be loving to others or to compromise your integrity in the name of getting ahead.

I’ll add this… Tell your parents “thank you.” This time is emotional, brutal really. My husband, Lloyd, and I have one that just finished his first year in college. Know that every detail of your life is talked about, laughed over, prayed over… All of it. They love you so much. Let them know that you see them by simply saying “thank you.” ~Amy

“It’s one thing to be grateful. It’s another to give thanks. Gratitude is what you feel. Thanksgiving is what you do.” Tim Keller