Thinking of Christmas in July
July 20, 2022 by Amy Byrd

As a child, I used to worry that Jesus would come back right after Christmas, and take us all to Heaven before I’d had a chance to play with any of my toys. I felt guilty for not wanting heaven more, which in turn, compromised my enjoyment of the toys.


I outgrew that childish dilemma, but now a darker fear sometimes haunts me. Despite all the good this year has brought, the changes of life—Our son leaving for college, aging parents that need our help, a daughter that recently told me she doesn’t like herself—has created an expectation of disaster, an appetite for anxiety. I worry that sickness or ruin will destroy the good.


But here my childhood expectations reconcile and join forces to fight fear. Before dawn this morning I was reading from Colossians: that in Christ “all things hold together.” And then Philippians – He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it – and why would my or your future be excluded from such a promise?


When Jesus comes back, he won’t take away our joys. He’ll win them back!