The World Says It’s Over, But God Insists Otherwise
March 22, 2023 by Amy Byrd

If you (or someone close to you) are hurting, you just want it to stop. Someone that is close to
me is hurting. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically, he can’t stand—his back is giving
him terrible pain that doctors can’t seem to fix. Mentally, I believe can be connected to the
physical– and has taken a huge toll on his outlook on life. Spiritually, well, you can feel forgotten
by God.
Pain can be a gift. Reminding us that the real enemy can try and keep us stuck in broken
places. Pain can also motivate us to fight with brave tenacity and fierce determination, knowing
there is healing on the other side. Pain is the invitation for God to move in—to replace our
strength with His.
When I look back on some of my most painful areas of my life I can see that transformation is
needed. Specifically, when my husband, Lloyd, and I started going to marriage counseling. And
there is a weakness where new strength needs to come in. Choose to pursue long-term
strength rather than temporary relief.
If you are in a similar place right now I love this that I read recently:

The world says it’s over.
God declares not until He says so.
The world says it’s final.
God reminds us He always has the final say.
The world says impossible.
God comforts our soul by whispering in Him all things are possible.
The world says retaliate.
God says forgive.
The world says give up.
God says look up.
The world says all is bad.
God declares He turns bad into good.

Remember these life-giving truths when the world tells us our situation is hopeless. Whatever
you’re walking through, God is with you, He will not leave you and He absolutely will see you all
the way through this. ~Amy