Say Yes
September 20, 2023 by Amy Byrd

It’s funny how there’s opportunities to connect with people that are nothing like you. But there’s plenty of them if you're looking. I talked to a woman that had many  piercings on her face. One in particular was a spiky piercing that went right through the pink part of her lip. We were standing together. I said “wow, that looks like that really hurt”. She responded and said “it was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through”. Then we sat there and had a 30 minute conversation about life and about stuff— important stuff, and some not so important stuff.

Each day, when I wake up, I pray a very simple prayer even before my face feet hit the floor. God, I want to see you. God, I want to hear you. God, I want to know you. God, I want to follow hard after you. And even before I know what I will face today, I say yes to you.

“The simple act of surrender each morning will prepare your eyes to see him, or ears to hear him, you were mine to perceive him, in your heart to receive him. This is how to live, expecting to experience God.”

 Lysa TerKeurst, “What happens when women say yes to God"