New Year. Same You.
January 5, 2022 by Chad Bradley

The passion for new year's resolutions is almost at its peak right now, but chances are, it won’t last much longer. According to studies, most New Year’s resolutions start to taper off by the third week of January. Honestly, it’s a weird time of life. We start the month with so much hope only to end it feeling like we somehow failed. And it’s almost like we set ourselves up to fail. And even crazier, we do it EVERY YEAR!

The reality is that we are living life in real-time. We are going to hit bumps along the way toward any goal we set for ourselves. Does this mean we should stop setting goals? Not at all! But maybe we should give ourselves a break when we get so busy or tired that we forget to plan dinner and need to the drive-thru in order to feed the family supper. Something that has been bouncing around my mind this year is a quote from a pastor in Houston, “we will never have a life that makes God unnecessary” -Jeremy Foster.

We will hit the bumps. We will fall. We will forget. Embrace God's grace today and try again tomorrow.

New year. Old you. Same God. And that is all good news.